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Gbox is a multichain NFT marketplace built for Game and Metaverse assets, a game and metaverse platform integrating aggregated trading and ecological incubation.
Gbox has launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and supported other blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom. You can discover and buy the popular games and metaverse NFTs in Gbox, and earn $GBOX tokens by trading.
Gbox is also a community-driven DAO organization. We will gather all community forces to give developers ecological incubation support and explore the latest high-quality games and investment opportunities.

Why you need another marketplace?

  • There is no difference between most NFT platforms.
  • There is a lack of an NFT trading market that focuses on games.
  • Trading fees or GAS fees are too high.
  • The platform is the biggest beneficiary,not the user.
  • Multi-chain NFT assets are not supported.

Why Gbox is the next revolutionary NFT marketplace?

  • Not only a marketplace, but also a complete game NFT ecosystem.
  • Aggregating all high-quality game and metaverse assets and information.
  • Only a very low 2% trading fee.
  • DAO governance, 100% of platform revenue returned to users and communities.
  • Multi-chain NFT assets cross-chain with one click.
  • A better economic model with more cooperation than competition with game projects.
  • With easier-to-use DeFi component, providing liquidity solutions for NFT.

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to link games, players, traders, guild organizations, etc., incubate a rich game ecology, create a free and open virtual world, and become the infrastructure of blockchain games and metaverse.
Our goal is to become the leading game and Metaverse aggregation platform in the blockchain, allowing players to get a better asset trading experience and gain income from entertainment.
Gbox is a community-driven trading market. It is also a win-win solution for multiple parties in the blockchain game ecosystem.
We will ensure the fair distribution of $GBOX tokens to distribute platform revenue to all real users in the community.
Gbox started in the community, so we will also discover more high-quality projects through Launchpad and return future benefits to the community.

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